Selection, pressing, experimentation, aging and more all strictly in the city.

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Winery in town

Once we carefully select raw materials, we create small productions based on the final taste we want to achieve. We do not use chemicals pushed into the cellar and work with very low levels of sulfur dioxide, in some cases even without it. Our aging takes place spontaneously, in wooden barrels, terracotta amphorae or steel based on what we think is right for that wine, experimenting, stepping outside the box, sometimes making mistakes. We create the product together step by step.


The know-how

For years we have traveled throughout Italy to research and select the best native varieties. On the strength of this research, we have built a network of winemaker friends who raise their own vines with devotion, allowing the grapes to express themselves at their best and enabling us to make excellent wines. We listened to their stories, which tell of the passion of young "revolutionaries," mature professionals and wise traditionalists who have been passing on their knowledge for generations. 

This network of relationships and knowledge allows us today, to make special wines, and to connect the world of quality artisanal wine with a metropolitan reality open to the world.

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Follow the wine-making processes step by step, from the arrival of the grapes at the winery to the labeling of the bottle, and try your hand at creating your own blend.

Before the bottle

1. Arrival of the grapes

2. Pressing

3. Fermentation

4. Maturation

5. Bottling

6. Consumption

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