Welcome to the winery in the city

We brought a winery to a metropolis. Why? To welcome you and give you the key to a world that is sometimes too closed and distant.


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Michele Rimpici, founder of Cantina Urbana.

"I founded Cantina Urbana to pursue a dream: Making Wine."

"I wanted to produce a wine with two cornerstones: craftsmanship and conviviality. And so Cantina Urbana was born, which encapsulates these ingredients in a brand.
The idea was to produce wine in the city, open the doors of the winery to everyone and share the winemaking experience.
I put together a group of enlightened "vignerons" friends, true wine artisans, and we created the Wine Collective, united by the same spirit and values: good wines, respectful of nature, without the use of pushed chemistry in the countryside and in the winery.
Cantina Urbana is based on passion, taste and accessibility."

Our philosophy

The winery in 5 points

We brought a Winery to a Metropolis. To share the winemaking experience and to shorten the distance between wine production and the end consumer.

The production philosophy is focused on the craftsmanship of the raw material with continuous passion, research and selection.The wines are high drinkability, fresh and clean, because by working with artisanal raw materials and small production, no pushed chemistry is used.
We select only the best raw materials from those who are friends and not suppliers to us, experienced hands of winemakers. The entire supply chain is tracked and transparent.

Grapes are grown with respect for nature, without chemical intervention in the vineyard. This is a must if you want to be our supplier.
Production in the winery is done without the use of chemicals and with very low levels of sulfur, in some cases even zero. Delivery is by proximity and we work with the concept of fresh wine by reusing packaging and saving on both glass and road transport.We select only the best raw materials from what are for us friends and not suppliers, experienced hands of winemakers. The entire supply chain is tracked and transparent.

What we want is to break down barriers and redesign the concept of wine production, to date only for an elite. With us you can participate, have fun, create your own wine.

Being an Urban Winemaker is not a choice but a vocation, a sense of belonging to something innovative, it takes a broad vision. Our customers are also always at the center of our offer, we are available to explain and advise using simple languages that everyone can use.


Production moments

No secrets

Live your winery experience

A Winemaker will be happy to explain to you in detail how we make our wines in a series of unique itineraries for you to fully experience Cantina Urbana.

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Let me pour you a drink

Staff Cantina Urbana

Learn about the Winery's method

Follow the wine-making processes step by step, from the arrival of the grapes at the winery to the labeling of the bottle.

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🍷In the evening we open the doors of our Winery Bar: a place for meetings, tastings, events.

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